Frequently Asked Questions

No, as cancer doesn’t discriminate, we don’t either. We work with all types of cancer patients. However the bulk of the patients we have supported so far have been breast cancer patients. We have also supported prostrate, colon, ovarian, cervical and head and neck cancer patients.

We usually require a comprehensive medical report from a government hospital and there is a list of other requirements. Please contact us directly for details.

No, our ability to support is dependent on the availability of funds (we rely 100% on donations) and your meeting the eligibility criteria. 

We always advise patients to get a general letter / medical report addressed “To whom it may concern” that can be used to solicit help from other NGO’S and corporate donors.

No, we do not give any cash to any patient for their treatment. We will pay the treating facility, diagnostic centre or pharmacy directly.

Sometimes, our staff will also accompany you to your appointment for emotional support and where necessary, assist in asking the appropriate questions to ensure you fully understand your treatment.

Yes, through our counselors and support groups we provide support for family members.

Whilst a face to face counseling session is usually best, we are more than happy to counsel on the phone as well. If you call our phone line we will endeavor to call you back.